About Me

I am a developer who is obsessed with building websites that are fun, clean, simple, and user-friendly. I got my 'hands on' coding expereince from one of the most challenging 'dev bootcamps' in New York City at General Assembly.

General Assembly has given me the mentality of working as a professional developer in the real world. From that foundation I have studied Full-Stack development and built web applications using mostly PHP, Ruby, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. When it comes to code, I'm very dedicated to solving challenges that will increase my potential of becoming a great developer.

I'm seeking an opportunity to work with a well funded startup or an established company located in a great city alongside the East Coast where I can have the freedom to live the life of my dreams while helping others at the same time. Whenever I'm not coding, I love to watch YouTube, listen to R&B music, and Google things randomly.



  • JavaScript

  • Ruby


    Server Frameworks

  • Ruby On Rails

  • Libraries

  • jQuery

Layout and Design

  • HTML5

  • CSS3

  • Bootstrap

Other Technologies

    Version Control

  • Github


  • PostgreSQL


  • Heroku


Featured Work

Contact Me

If you have an opportunity for me, let's talk! I am open to freelancing and remote work. Also feel free to contact me if you have any questions in regards of starting a new website for yourself or your establishment.